Mar. 29th, 2009

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I had a strange dream last night, though it shared a theme to one that I had had in the past.

I was sitting at home. Our two cats were making a commotion at the back door, wanting to go out to the deck. I walk over and brush aside the curtains, wanting to see what they were excited about. A small bobcat sat on the deck, and looked up at me. Its eyes were narrowed, annoyed by the mewling of its less ferocious cousins. I slide open the door enough to put a leg through, still making sure to block the cats from escaping. I stomp that the bobcat a few times, but it took no notice of me.
Frustrated, I forget about my own cats, and they venture out, slowly, testing to see how close they can get to the bobcat. The bobcat rose to its feet, causing the house cats to flee back to a dark recess of the house. I stepped aside to let the bobcat in and watched it lay down in the middle of the living room.
I waled over the the animal and picked it up with little resistance. As I took it over the the kitchen counter, I noticed that there was something in its mouth. I turned the bobcat onto its back in my arms and reached in, pulling out a number of blue and white porcelain figures of cougars in various bold looking poses on rocks. The stands said on them "Cougar Pride! University of (something)" A further note was pulled out of the bobcat boasting of the superiority of the bobcat bag, a specialty of the university of (something). The bobcat had turned into a cellophane bag with 4, leg like protrusions.


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