Jul. 25th, 2009

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I had an odd dream last night. It took place in the dreamtown mall, which is an interesting place in and of itself (primarily becasue it's not based on any mall that I have visited before), but its explanation can wait for another day. Today, I talk about the new slot machine they installed in the Dreamtown mall arcade.

Dreamtown mall arcade is a cool place, primarily because you can use the tickets to play more games. One of the most popular games last night was "Fighting Tumblers" a Slot Machine/Arcade fighter. It wasn't like other gimmick slot machines where the tumblers are just relabeled tumblers, but had an actual fighting game beneath it. You couldn't control the fighters (that would make it too easy to game the slots) but what you did do was select two fighters, the number of rounds they would go (one, two, or three) and hit start. This brought up the standard three tumblers (Or four or five, each extra round added a tumbler) and the computer put the two combatants through the fight. As they fought the tumblers would be populated with symbols based on the moves they used and once each tumbler was full it would begin spinning, and you would go on from there.

It was pretty complex, I gave up on it (in dream) after a few rounds because it was more thinking than I wanted to do at a slot machine. But the onlookers, who seemed pretty into the game, we're full of advice like "Oh the Woodman will begin with a barrage of arrows, so try not to stop it on that symbol since there won't be many in the last two tumblers"


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