Fuck ATT

Feb. 12th, 2009 11:04 am
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Nothing really interesting other than filling out paperwork and learning how to use their software. I did get to see my cube though! I can have up to 5 personal effects in it!
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Oh man last day at Green I am terrible at goodbyes
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The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level. If you absolutely can't draw, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drabbles or icons or something instead.

Plus it finally has given me the chance to use Dali-Undine :3
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Blizzards own
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"We have noticed that you haven't used your Macy's card in quite some time, so we here at Citibank, for your convenience have closed that account and given you this BRAND NEW SHINY CITYBANK MASTERCARD NOW SPEND SPENDING IS YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY YOU HAVE FAAAAAAAAIIIILEEEED SO WE SHALL NOW GIVE YOU A LOW INTEREST RATE TO MAKE YOOOOOUUUU DOOOO SOOOOOOO"

Screw you Citigroup. The tool of the proletariat to overthrow their capitalist oppressors will be the cross cut shredder.
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‮Well I finally checked out that throwthings.com place's website, since driving by it every time I go through Ravenna has given it an aura of mystery and wonder.

And they sell things on which the theme "throwing" applies. Like ventriloquist puppets "throw your voice", and promotional baseballs, and grills "throw something on the barbie".

They will soon be expanding into garbage bags!
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Edit: Seriously this is some fascist leaning shit.
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Hey if anyone is in Stow today we can all go to the Stow High School's Volleyball team's Mattress sale fundraiser?
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There were a bunch of news helicopters hovering nearby when I got out of work. Apparently some guy walked in and killed a housekeeper at the Holiday Inn that is right next to FedEx!

Anyway dream time. Back at dream college, fleshing out the geography of it a bit more. This dream mainly focused around the student center. There was no "big" theme to this dream outside of me cruising around campus attempting to learn how to ride a "bike". However, it was not a additional bike, but a chair with two wheel on the side that you have to power like a wheelchair. The two challenges with this concept were 1: to try and keep balanced in the seat and 2: to not get your fingers stubbed in the spoke (which I did, what kind of gyp dream is this). So I was cruising around doing that in the early morning, so there were some tired students starting to filter in. My first encounter was in the "square", which I what I guess I will call it, since it was where the fountain was located. It existed in a depression surrounded by steps, with a fountain in the middle of this depression. Over it there was an awning, green with a ruffled checkerboard design. The entire thing have a very 70's feel to it, with a lot of hard right angles and simple designs. There were two people camping in there. So I continued my journey along the left side walkway watching the campers pack up until I reached the student center, the entrance of which was down it's own flight of stairs and had a similar green awning. In the area immediately out front of the doors (the little entrance courtyard had a row of doors along two of it's sides) there was a "Campus anti-drug rally" the which apparently had the theme of dogs, since everyone was dressed in mascot doe outfits including real dogs dressed in their own, dog sized dog outfits. They were cute, when they barked you could see their nose bounce up against the top of the costume through the eyeholes.
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Man, it felt like today didn't have enough hours, I guess I spent a bit more time playing World in Conflict than I thought =/
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It's about a paint company that bought the paint company that my grandfather used to work for! They are fairly big so it should remain.

Gaze and wonder at what it's fate may be!
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I just got a spam email with the subject (Myemailadress) is a moron.

It links to some Argentinian website with a link to video1.exe

but still what the hell


Jun. 25th, 2008 09:23 am
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Riding today was insane. I went north of Kent and around Brady Lake and the subsequent triangle Riding today was insane. I went north of Kent and around Brady Lake and the subsequent triangle bog (which had a bunch of tiger lilys in bloom, didn't see any of it's famed pitcher plants though). Well it seems that the entire area stretches a bit further east than I remember. I knew I would have to travel down 59, but I didn't know that I would have to ride all the way from Ravenna DX

Now I'm off to try and orginizee my l5r cards so I can finally make some decks.
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Today's Storycorps on Morning Edition was pretty depressing.

It's tagged as "He either wanted to be a marine biologist or he wanted to be ten." This is also the first line, the second line is "He didn't make it"

Every step that this story takes is just more and more tragic that it's almost to the point of absurdity. It didn't help that it followed an article about the millions of nameless dead in Darfur.

Click and listen
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Haha she gave me an A- go go updating resume!
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Seems they closed the local Chipotle since a ton of people who ate there yesterday got violently ill.

I ate there yesterday and have survived, go go vegetarian Burritos >B)
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I feel very apprehensive today. It just seems like something is going to go wrong and things will just fall apart. The wobbly plate right now is my British Lit class. The teacher really hasn't given us much in the way of evaluations. We've had a short paper, a really short paper, with a paper and a "quiz" up coming. I've gotten good marks on what I have turned in, but something inside me that cuddles to the top of my stomach says that I'm going to fail this class.

It's the damned quiz.

I can write a paper (with no sources once again! What is with these teachers nowadays?) but she keeps changing the objective of the quiz. She says it will be a content quiz to ensure that we have read. She says that she will give us a passage to interpret. She says it will not be over anything obscure. She says it will not be something that we can get from cliff's notes.

What is the quiz? She won't tell. How much is this quiz worth? Dunno, she never clarified. It's just a quiz.


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