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Ok so maybe little touching but this Tuesday has been phenomenal so far.

My troubles began when, getting ready to go to work, I suddenly became really, really nervous about a paper that I have to write in the coming weeks. The feeling lasted for about 3 hours and came with increasingly fun and bad side effects such as sweating, rapid heart rate, increasing paranoia, and making me really angry while at work for no real reason other than the increasing state of panic that I was in about this paper.

The day continued with me leaving my keys on one of the trucks when it drove away, so I had to have someone drive me down to meet the guy in Akron, then drive me back to my car so that I could go home, a trip which took an extra 20 minutes since I accidentally got onto the wrong highway and had to drive though the national park. I also ran a red light in Kent, passing in front of two cars going the opposite directions across the road that I was blasting though in a tired daze.

So yeah, I'm gonna go collapse now for a while till I need to go to class.
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Well it turns out that I was one of the lucky few people to have their SS number and name in the unencrypted computer stolen out of an intern's car in Columbus a couple of weeks ago. Why? Becasue I was in a database of people who were issued a tax refund check but have yet to cash it.

"Odd," I thought, "I haven't received my check yet though."

After a few calls I found out why my check hadn't been cashed. They decided to issue my check a few months ago, place me on the "waiting to cash" list on this computer and mailed it FUCKING TODAY MONTHS AFTER THE FACT LEAVING ME WITH NO CHOICE BUT TO BE ON THIS FUCKING COMPUTER ANDS AOJASopsafdjgaojgfa:lj:froth:

So I have to sign up for this credit protection thingy that the state has shelled out the money for year for anyone on the computer.


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