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One of the things that has always fascinated me it the geography and architecture of my dreams. As would be expected of dreams, the buildings are always mad of odd forms and the features of both are usually greatly exaggerated from their real life counterparts.

Today I got a look at the continuing evolution of my apartment in dream world. It consisted of four rooms, a bedroom connected to three other rooms via a long hallway. One of the features that has been consistent in my dream apartments recently has been an incredible emphasis on windows all over the place, usually having entire outer walls made of glass, creating a nice, open, and spacious effect. Today however, these windows were replaced with plastic sheeting. Maybe we recently had a hailstorm in dreamtown, who knows.

This wasn't a problem as I walked the now sheeted in hallway from my bedroom to the main room, whereupon I found it filled with birds and bugs, which were coming in through a large number of holes that had been torn in the screens and plastic sheets that looked out the back towards my patio and the insanely large valley that my dream house has over looked for a long time now. Angered at the presence of these animals in my room when they clearly should be outside, I resolved that I would go to Dream Home Depot and get some nicer sheeting and a new screen door and finally replace all of this broken shit.

As I walked around outside, I looked at some of the other buildings nearby mine in dreamtown, wondering if maybe it was time to just move to a new place. I pondered over this and worried about how much other places would cost as I opened the door to my apartment complex, taking a look at the poster on the front door that encouraged children to tell their parents about how cool these apartments are, possibly as a way to add pressure to any possible lessees by infecting their kids with the idea that this place was cool.

I did think about it as I entered the nice, Edwardian decorated, hardwood outer hallway and opened my door, and how this place wasn't so bad. Maybe I could just finally give in and move my stuff from the bedroom to the nice, solid walled room at the entrance of my apartment. As I opened the door I remembered why I hadn't earlier. The room already contained some furniture, a shelve full of books and a desk, and, the most prominent reminder of why I couldn't move in there, that fucking grey cat.

I had no issues with the cat, it was a nice cat, but it reminded me that there was a long stairway that led to a basement door that the landlord had access too, since the basement was a long series of tunnels that led to every apartment as well as some other spots, so moving to that room meant that I would always have to worry about the landlord coming and going, as well as his cat just wandering around coming and going as it pleased.

I woke up at about this point.
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There were a bunch of news helicopters hovering nearby when I got out of work. Apparently some guy walked in and killed a housekeeper at the Holiday Inn that is right next to FedEx!

Anyway dream time. Back at dream college, fleshing out the geography of it a bit more. This dream mainly focused around the student center. There was no "big" theme to this dream outside of me cruising around campus attempting to learn how to ride a "bike". However, it was not a additional bike, but a chair with two wheel on the side that you have to power like a wheelchair. The two challenges with this concept were 1: to try and keep balanced in the seat and 2: to not get your fingers stubbed in the spoke (which I did, what kind of gyp dream is this). So I was cruising around doing that in the early morning, so there were some tired students starting to filter in. My first encounter was in the "square", which I what I guess I will call it, since it was where the fountain was located. It existed in a depression surrounded by steps, with a fountain in the middle of this depression. Over it there was an awning, green with a ruffled checkerboard design. The entire thing have a very 70's feel to it, with a lot of hard right angles and simple designs. There were two people camping in there. So I continued my journey along the left side walkway watching the campers pack up until I reached the student center, the entrance of which was down it's own flight of stairs and had a similar green awning. In the area immediately out front of the doors (the little entrance courtyard had a row of doors along two of it's sides) there was a "Campus anti-drug rally" the which apparently had the theme of dogs, since everyone was dressed in mascot doe outfits including real dogs dressed in their own, dog sized dog outfits. They were cute, when they barked you could see their nose bounce up against the top of the costume through the eyeholes.

Dream Lawg

Sep. 5th, 2007 07:29 pm
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[profile] soless posting about dreams makes me want to log the one I just had, as it was very strange.

Lift the veil to read on... )
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I don't know exactly what part of my mind feels the need to torture me in my dreams, or whether is gets some twisted pleasure out of it, but somewhere in the depths of my brain it sits, and laughs, plotting out in a ragged notebook the next nocturnal play with which it will tease me and poke at my soft, exposed undersides. I know that I must have some other problems than the lack of a girlfriend, that there must be some other subject that it can use to entertain the various demons that live within me. But it has been the largest problem that I have been concerned with recently, and you show what makes the money, I guess.

Now, this isn't the first dream like this I have had, but this dream probably has been the most vivid, one of the best written dreams, and one of the most interestingly backdropped I have had in quite a long time.

This is very long so I shall cut it )
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Thirteen hours of sleep last night. Thirteen. I really need to force myself out of bed, because this is just unacceptable, especially now that I am sleeping for more than 6 hours a night (day, really) after work. Though it did give me one of the most bizarre and random dreams I had had in a while.

The first portion of it was a standard "oh shit, it's exam time" where I was worried about my grades, but the day before the last day of my exams I couldn't remember what exams I had left, and in the process of finding this out I found that I had not been taking one of my classes, and hadn't noticed until the end of the semester. It's a bit early for me to be having these anxious about school dreams, so it was a bit more frustrating than it sounds.

The second portion is where things got weird, a third person dream (which are always nice, not having to personally feel the drama) where I was watching a family of five, two older daughters and a younger son. The father was an overprotective lawyer who ruled with an iron fist over his household, his wife absolutely hated him but could never consciously show it (though she did so quite a lot unconsciously) and constantly punished herself whenever she felt she had crossed him. The character the dream focused on the most was the oldest daughter, a high school, fairly attractive, and her constant struggle to act somewhat rebelliously. It went through a couple days of their life, eventually ending up with a scene at the fathers high-rise lawyers office where he was getting the beat down by a client who disliked how he lawyers things and was threatening to go to another firm. He responded to this by breaking open his shirt with his pecs, and then shooting the client in the face. All this while the James Bond music played in the background. Turns out that the lawyer was James Bond, and the client was a terrorist. At this point I believe my mind became so confused it had me go help one of the kids I knew from high school dig up watermelons from underneath a pile of carpet (where they had grown), at the top of a 100 foot tall tower.

I'm sure it all has some sort of symbolism.
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One thing to remember is that I'm still partially conscious much of the time while I nap, so I guess the dream could be better classified as a hallucination more than anything. Either way, the entire dream was accompanied by 60's and 70's rock , as that is what was playing on my computer for much of this dream. I had only been dozing for around an hour when this dream manifested.

I appeared to be laying on a bench in a dugout to an indoor baseball field. The entire field appeared to be enclosed in a shopping mall, and it's appearance reflected it, much of the field was a shiny white tile, with a darker color tile for the bases and outfield. The fences that separated the field from the dugout had hanging plants covering them all the way up. Being unable to move as I lay on the bench a flock of doves, one by one, landed on my back and shoulders (for I was laying on my front) and began to sleep. The weight and heat of their small bodies was pleasant, comforting my tense muscles. My father, in a baseball uniform, came around and noted that there were some doves laying on me, and that it reminded him of an episode of a television show. This evoked images in my dream head Kramer from Seinfeld walking down the streets of New York, stiff limbed in an attempt not to disturb some doves that were resting on his arms and shoulders. I attempted to chuckle a bit but was unable to, being paralyzed. Soon though, my thoughts turned towards the baseball game, and the fact that I would need to move in order to take my turn at bat. I gathered all of my energy and, at the objections of my father (he seemed worried about the consequences of a flock of scared birds flying over his head) I stood. The birds that were perched on my limbs took to flight immediately as I stood, but those on my back continued to cling, asleep. It took a hard shaking of my torso to awaken them, and the fluttered away as doves are known to do. I woke up as I watched them fly into the upper levels of the mall.


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