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Biochem Class Slaughters Sorority Girls

Williams Hall--(FPM)
The rebellion has started, and the revolters are in arms. Throwing around such great, emotionally charged lines such as "I'm a disabled Veteran", "I work 17 Hours a week to be able to come here", and "Why is This Man Allowed to Teach?" students unable to cope with the concept of actually having to think huddled into a small conference room to voice their complaints to the Department head and the assistant department head. Many of their complaints pertained to the amount of memorization required versus the amount tested over, though, in this humble reporters opinion, for such a high level chemistry class it is not unusual. Though, in the defense of many of the complainers (of the 25 people who attended, 20 were nutrition majors, 3 education, a chemistry and a biology major) so most of them may not be used to actual science classes. Other silly complaints were registered about his unwillingness to answer question pertaining to material covered in freshman and high school science classes and his refusal to answer emails pertaining to material, though this was defended as standard by the assistant chair, with him claiming that many professors would rather talk to you face to face, as well as going over it in class so that any others who may have had questions about similar topics may be covered. Much of the hour-and-a-half long meeting was filled with swearing and dumb jokes, inappropriate for the levity of the accusations they were throwing around, further showing that many of the students just wanted to save face from accidentally registering for a hard class.
Though the meeting was not entirely filled with hot headed Bolsheviks wishing for fiery revolution, as many legitimate complaints, such as communications problems, technical problems with the power point presentations, and the lack of recommended questions from the book were brought up and evoked a more positive response from the chairs.
It was not all negative however, as some did defend some of the more silly accusations, and there have been emails sent in the professors support. There were also serious accusations, such as a "claim" by someone who described himself as a sitter inner that said that the "honors college and nursing department will no longer allow [the professor] to teach classes for them" the chairs became confused and the man quietly slipped out afterwards. It was later mentioned that the professor is teaching a nursing chemistry class. Egos also got flying as one student claimed that "as science majors, we are the smartest people in this school. We shouldn't be getting C's and D's in an intro class". She was unable to be reached for comments about how she felt that junior level courses are the same as her freshman intro classes, grade inflation, or to be punched in the face by saying something so stupid.
After some helpful advice was given by a student who found his way to an area on the books website, to help those having trouble, the chairs agreed to come forward to the professor and speak with him about the problems. They have stated that they will have another meeting two Mondays from now so that the complainers can whine some more since they didn't get the automatic A that they are used to.

In the end, one useful conclusion can be drawn from the meeting: Nutrition Majors are retarded.

Flurid Cube is a Senior Biology Major at Kent State, he is currently chuchling at the sillyness of the entire thing. Part II of this report will continue on Monday, Feburary 27.


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