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Today has been an interesting day so far.

It started off with a rather bizarre dream. I started off in a building, filled with classrooms. I started off in a room in the basement, which has comfy chairs, carpeting, and a TV. I was just chilling and talking with a bunch of people (though some of the girls were pretty cute, so some flirting commenced, definitely a dream!). Then we went out and walked up the ramp (the building was a large, spiralling ramp with the classrooms on the inside) and took a number of questionnaires out of a container on the wall at the end of the ramp. We talked about the questionnaires amongst ourselves (they were relating to job applications) and then moved to another room about halfway down the building. The room was dark, with the light only coming in from the hallway, which wasn't much of a feat for the light, since the wall that faced the hallway was made of glass. I took some time to fill out the questionnaire before a man came in and told us that we would have to go to the back offices to get our paychecks. I understood that he meant the back offices to "The Natitorium", which is the local Health Center for Cuyahoga Falls, the town I grew up in.

We headed on over to the offices, silently. The building sat in the corner of a parking lot, with trees surrounding the parking lot, a single, gated entrance, and the Natatorium visible in the distance. It was located on a specific road, but the name escapes me now, though it seemed meaningful when I saw it.The office was a small one story brick building, that didn't look like it contained more than two rooms. Both the window in the door and the window had blinds drawn down, though the blinds in the window were emblazoned with an ADP logo, tilted about 45 degrees counterclockwise, like you see on the back of their checks. The lights were off, so I assumed that it was closed, so I went over to a foodstand that I just noticed in the corner of the parking lot. The menu was primarily Mexican, and it was staffed by God and Jesus. [livejournal.com profile] steelmojo stood before me in line and order the nachos, which, when he received them seemed pleasantly surprised, commenting that they weren't nachos, but some other Mexican sounding word. I didn't quite grasp the utterance of the word, though I could fulley comprehend the meaning of it. Either way, he moved away and I went up to order. Looking at the menu, I ordered the nachos with two extra habeneros, and then hesitated as I thought about ordering more food, I didn't reasoning that it would be too expensive (the damn nachos were the cheapest thing on the menu at 5.96). God apologized to me and told me that the sauce in the nachos already had two habeneros in it, and thatn four habeneros in the nachos may be too much. I came around to look at the sauce, at which point I woke up.

at 4:15

And I needed to be at work, which is 40 minutes away, at 3:30.

I paniced and gunned off to work. Fortunately, I didn't get in too much trouble, mainly since the crazy guy snapped because someone put an empty bottle on the belt and yelling loudly and angrily ate all who could hear. As the guy who was in cahrge of the belt (our manager needed to leave early) was walking over, the Shift manager literally materialized out of nowhere and told him to go home, and not to argue with him (crazy guy had argued with the Shift Manager before about not getting a "lunch" break), crazy guy when from Rage to crying in half a second and squeaked out a tear filled "I'm sorry" before leaving silently.

And then, some jerk put up a fake cancellation notice for my first class. This sucked as A: I wanted to talk about the reading and B: I had printed out 15 pages of my notebook to turn in. I went to my teachers office and turned it in, he was pretty pissed about it. You would expect that in the senior seminar class, people would be above this.

The meme, to sate So_low and other's curiosity. )

I kinda want to make a post talking about the evolution of the backdrop (the city and the locations within this city) that all of my dreams take place in. It's always consistent and has changes slowly over the years But for another post since this one is too long.


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