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One of the things that has always fascinated me it the geography and architecture of my dreams. As would be expected of dreams, the buildings are always mad of odd forms and the features of both are usually greatly exaggerated from their real life counterparts.

Today I got a look at the continuing evolution of my apartment in dream world. It consisted of four rooms, a bedroom connected to three other rooms via a long hallway. One of the features that has been consistent in my dream apartments recently has been an incredible emphasis on windows all over the place, usually having entire outer walls made of glass, creating a nice, open, and spacious effect. Today however, these windows were replaced with plastic sheeting. Maybe we recently had a hailstorm in dreamtown, who knows.

This wasn't a problem as I walked the now sheeted in hallway from my bedroom to the main room, whereupon I found it filled with birds and bugs, which were coming in through a large number of holes that had been torn in the screens and plastic sheets that looked out the back towards my patio and the insanely large valley that my dream house has over looked for a long time now. Angered at the presence of these animals in my room when they clearly should be outside, I resolved that I would go to Dream Home Depot and get some nicer sheeting and a new screen door and finally replace all of this broken shit.

As I walked around outside, I looked at some of the other buildings nearby mine in dreamtown, wondering if maybe it was time to just move to a new place. I pondered over this and worried about how much other places would cost as I opened the door to my apartment complex, taking a look at the poster on the front door that encouraged children to tell their parents about how cool these apartments are, possibly as a way to add pressure to any possible lessees by infecting their kids with the idea that this place was cool.

I did think about it as I entered the nice, Edwardian decorated, hardwood outer hallway and opened my door, and how this place wasn't so bad. Maybe I could just finally give in and move my stuff from the bedroom to the nice, solid walled room at the entrance of my apartment. As I opened the door I remembered why I hadn't earlier. The room already contained some furniture, a shelve full of books and a desk, and, the most prominent reminder of why I couldn't move in there, that fucking grey cat.

I had no issues with the cat, it was a nice cat, but it reminded me that there was a long stairway that led to a basement door that the landlord had access too, since the basement was a long series of tunnels that led to every apartment as well as some other spots, so moving to that room meant that I would always have to worry about the landlord coming and going, as well as his cat just wandering around coming and going as it pleased.

I woke up at about this point.
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Hey look all my stuff is imported now I can actually start using this thing!
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While the exact details of yesterdays dream were unremarkable (hosting a party), the fact that I decided to wake up rather than teach nine people how to play a card game is a pretty much the most spectacular feat of laziness I have ever seen in one of my dreams.
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Welp looks like Five Guys cajun fries have a bit of msg in them.

They were good but I do enjoy the occasional breathe afterward Q_Q
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So what day does my body decide to get sick? The day that both releases are happening! So half day of feeling miserable and hoping that I don't miss anything horrible before the release emails go out! Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

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I had an odd dream last night. It took place in the dreamtown mall, which is an interesting place in and of itself (primarily becasue it's not based on any mall that I have visited before), but its explanation can wait for another day. Today, I talk about the new slot machine they installed in the Dreamtown mall arcade.

Dreamtown mall arcade is a cool place, primarily because you can use the tickets to play more games. One of the most popular games last night was "Fighting Tumblers" a Slot Machine/Arcade fighter. It wasn't like other gimmick slot machines where the tumblers are just relabeled tumblers, but had an actual fighting game beneath it. You couldn't control the fighters (that would make it too easy to game the slots) but what you did do was select two fighters, the number of rounds they would go (one, two, or three) and hit start. This brought up the standard three tumblers (Or four or five, each extra round added a tumbler) and the computer put the two combatants through the fight. As they fought the tumblers would be populated with symbols based on the moves they used and once each tumbler was full it would begin spinning, and you would go on from there.

It was pretty complex, I gave up on it (in dream) after a few rounds because it was more thinking than I wanted to do at a slot machine. But the onlookers, who seemed pretty into the game, we're full of advice like "Oh the Woodman will begin with a barrage of arrows, so try not to stop it on that symbol since there won't be many in the last two tumblers"
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Hey Cleveland Zoo is Free on Mondays!

Guess where I'm going monday
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It would have been shorter had I not gotten lost in Ricky River.

I decided to bike up to the lake. about 4 hours of riding overall, with half an hour spent looking at the lake. It was pretty calming, which was needed as I kept riding around in circles and dead ends in an attempt to find a public park on the lake. When I got there there were two geese who were intent on not sharing half of the beach, but since I am a lot bigger than two geese they gave up and left.
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Everything about the movie was don right. The Crew, the music, Spock's Shizuma Drive???? Well besides that I'm glad that JJ Abrams didn't decide that Star Trek needed a Nolen-esque angstification and kept everyone how they should be. The Enterprise has that 60's-futuristic feel, even if a lot of the innards of the ship were made to look a bit more realistic, but everything was buttons and lights and unnecessary chrome. The music was spot on and full of blaring brass.

My only non nit-picky complaint is with what he did with Uhuru. While not as bad as some of the reviews I read made it out to be, what happened with here was entirely counter to the point of the character, and didn't make sense anyway.

Go see it!
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Stupid Rabbits and their washing their ears and frolicking and making me lock my keys in my car >=(

Also Mitch, Pat and other locals best be gettin' on the suggestion track for what you want me to run over the summer!
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Yay ordered ticket to a real highbrow cultural thingy~

A high brow Puppet show from New York~
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Yay bike riding. Found a place that gave me a Hotdog, chips, and a soda for 2.00! It was a microwaved hotdog, but still. They also had some good, locally (kinda, Since Syndusky isn't that far from here) produced ice cream.

I also picked up some vitamin water on the way home. This stuff is very unimpressive! It tastes like watered down, sugar-free flavor aid. I do not get it.
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Feeling guilty about nit biking to work on such a nice day, I decided that I would go on out and explore a small part of Cleveland's extensive park system (the source of the city's infamous deer infestation), mainly the one nearby me with the bike path.

It was enjoyable, though there is a stretch of the path that goes by the Valley Parkway, which looks like a road that goes through the southern reaches of the Mississippi Delta, complete with tall grass, harsh sun, and rusting high tension power lines.
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So apparently this has become a competitive sport in France. It's based off of a game made by some bored manhatten students.

You have five people on the street in the respective pac man roles, and five people in contact with one of them who act as "controllers". They run around with their controller on the cell phone and update their positions every time they hit an intersection. Pac-man's controller attempts to guide him throughout the layout (to eat all of the pellets) while the ghost controllers relay Pac-man's status (super or non super) but never his location. If pac man reaches a corner of the play area, he gets the power up and can eat the ghosts (all eating whether pac man -> ghosts or ghost -> pac man) is done by tagging. When pac man wins or looses the round ends.

It sound pretty simple and cool and is something we should try at some point!
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Funimation is going to release the new FMA series 4 days after it airs in Japan (Airs April 5, US April 9)!

I am going to use this as an excuse to make people (Mitch) come over to watch it! (On Friday, tho)
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Man if we thought's Josh's GPS could be a frigid ice queen how about Norio Wakamoto for your GPS's voice?

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I had a strange dream last night, though it shared a theme to one that I had had in the past.

I was sitting at home. Our two cats were making a commotion at the back door, wanting to go out to the deck. I walk over and brush aside the curtains, wanting to see what they were excited about. A small bobcat sat on the deck, and looked up at me. Its eyes were narrowed, annoyed by the mewling of its less ferocious cousins. I slide open the door enough to put a leg through, still making sure to block the cats from escaping. I stomp that the bobcat a few times, but it took no notice of me.
Frustrated, I forget about my own cats, and they venture out, slowly, testing to see how close they can get to the bobcat. The bobcat rose to its feet, causing the house cats to flee back to a dark recess of the house. I stepped aside to let the bobcat in and watched it lay down in the middle of the living room.
I waled over the the animal and picked it up with little resistance. As I took it over the the kitchen counter, I noticed that there was something in its mouth. I turned the bobcat onto its back in my arms and reached in, pulling out a number of blue and white porcelain figures of cougars in various bold looking poses on rocks. The stands said on them "Cougar Pride! University of (something)" A further note was pulled out of the bobcat boasting of the superiority of the bobcat bag, a specialty of the university of (something). The bobcat had turned into a cellophane bag with 4, leg like protrusions.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 01:18 pm
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I am so out of shape.

So it takes about 15 minutes to ride my bike to work. When I finally reached work, my hear was beating at 150 some beats per minute, my teeth had gone numb, and my legs has liquefied. The ride back was a bit less gruesome, since I stopped at the depressing K-mart and bought a bike pump and actually put air in my tires.

That probably helped a lot since the tires were at ~10 psi when they should be at ~60.
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20th Century boys 192

oh my god


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