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After arriving to work this morning, I can say without fail that this past weekend has been one of the better ones in recent memory. Going to Otakon is something I should have done a much longer while ago, since I have had a chance to go for the past few years, but didn't. Going really helped me relax a lot more than I would have thought, and it is a really good feeling.

I Also got to use my camcorder to actually camcord, after having had the damn thing for nearly six years.

The LARP was really enjoyable, despite it's not so great plot. It was fun just to not care and goof around in an environment I like, with people who like similar things to me.

Just meeting such a large number of great people is an experience that I haven't felt in a long time, since most of the time I'm consumed with schoolwork at school and there really aren't that many unsavory people at work. Plus I got to Top Pop, which I will soon help Mitch spread to Kent.

Then I got home and went to work this morning, where I was told I am effectively getting a "promotion". It's one of those nothing really but extra work promotions, but it means I get to do something different, and I'll have a bit more responsibility in the position, and it's not really extra work, but a different type of work, so it will be good.

And, as promised, videos:
Mitch Stands on one leg
Otakon Cosplayers
Jordan says that he is tough on crime, but then why did he rule in favor of career criminals?
Dan: an Introspecitve
LARP opening meeting
LARP Close and some of the ensuing craziness
Lookit' all them bottles
Some Veteran Top Poppers
Ben's Top Pop Attempt
Top Pop Dodgeball
Otakon LARP GM staff grudge match
My Top Pop Attempt
Slingshot Top Pop Failure
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