Jun. 19th, 2007

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It appears that a glass of Arizona Iced Tea is able to keep me awake for 24 hours without ill effect. I dunno if it is the Caffeine, the High Fructose Corn Syrup, or the combination of both into some sort of super awake thingy, but I Have gone until now, since 630PM yesterday, without being tired.

So I was productive and spent my money to replace my rapidly wearing clothes, which, being in such shoddy condition, have been causing unhappy thoughts, though I am still somewhat content, but bored, so I have no intention of tantruming, or going melancholy and throwing myself into the chasm. I got some boots what don't have a 3/4 inch slope in the outsole, some more shorts to remedy my disappearing pairs, and an extra pair of shoes for 4.5 dollars. I have never had two pairs of casual shoes before so I am terrified of them and do not know what this means; however the shoes are in a style I like, so I can say that I have made a satisfying purchase lately.

(I'm pretty tired since I am apparently making Dwarf Fortress refrences ☺...E)

On the state of being tired, the large amount --not 5 hours with sporadic naps-- I have been getting since the end of school has really made work a lot more enjoyable. I'm not grumpy, faster, and more alert; what wonders that getting enough sleep can do for someone. I also complimented the IC cart driver on her new haircut and she seemed to be happy about that, and the new manager seems to like me, so I'm pretty glad everyone is gaining cheer, since everyone is always miserable there.

Many also seem to be worried that because of the minimum wage raise, that the exorbitant amount of money the pay us because we have such a high volume -- the warehouse in Canton does much much less then us and they get paid McDonald's Wages, a little bit above minimum -- will be useless because other menial jobs that pay a few bucks above minimum, 6.50-7.50, will boost theirs up to about our level, thus loosing much incentive for new grunts to come work with us.

Though it probably is because we are greedy and grumpy and want to get paid twelve bucks an hour.

Final thoughts as I look back over some live journal entries: I'm gonna make this public because I can, and I am still working at FedEx one year so I am quite defiantly winning that bet Patrick and Dennis.


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